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Brands Tell Us Five Unexpected Benefits of Promoboxx


Here at Promoboxx, we’re known best for being an online platform that brings digital marketing content directly from brands to retailers. Yes, we’re proud of being the leader in this space, but we get even more excited when our brands tell us about all the added benefits they experience from using our platform. Here are a few examples we got pretty excited about and wanted to share:

1. Stronger Brand-to-Retailer Relationships

Common feedback we hear from retailers across industries is that they feel like they are not being heard by the brands they sell. Retailers feel that as a small business, they often equate to a small voice that is not being listened to, cared about, or even recognized by the brands they sell. As these retailers have started using Promoboxx, they report that the platform has helped in rebuilding that disconnect.

Retailers have the opportunity to leverage Promoboxx to express what they need heard. Whether it’s through content feedback, criticism, surveys, or testimonials; when a brand successfully uses Promoboxx, they not only gain happy retailers… they also see an increase in their content being promoted.

2. Cleaner Retailer Data

For Promoboxx, working with great brands like Chevrolet, PepsiCo and Reebok is definitely an achievement in itself. So as they tell us that Promoboxx has helped improve the ongoing accuracy of their retailer data, we take it as an an unexpected compliment. Especially since retailer contact emails turn over at a rate of 30% every year.

As brands on-board retailers with Promoboxx, those retailers update their physical addresses, emails, websites, and social addresses into their Promoboxx account. Brands can keep better track of their retailers, and with our multi-functional retailer page, they are able to set customizable collections and filters. Our brands love it!

Retailer Status Feature

3. Regionalized Campaigns

Many of our retailers have provided feedback saying that although they enjoy the content their brands were providing, they want a mix of regionalized content. This could range from local charity events, the local sports team, or even the change of seasons. We’ve seen many of these campaigns spearheaded by regional Sales Reps (also known as Tier 2), who are attuned to what is going on in their communities. Regionalized campaigns result in above-average engagement rates as retailers love the community aspect!

Kia Regional Campaign

4. P.O.P. (Point of Purchase) Kits

Here at Promoboxx, enrollment campaigns are one of the ways we import the brand’s retailers onto the platform, whether it’s when the brand is first signing up on the platform, or when a brand decides to add an additional division (ie. going global). Some brands use enrollment additionally when they are sending out their P.O.P. kits (promotional materials like posters, cardboard cut-outs, and other point of purchase marketing materials). Brands shared their frustration regarding the high costs of shipping these kits as not all retailers carried the items being promoted, or even worse the business may not even be in operation anymore. Brands started using enrollment campaigns and had retailers sign up for receiving these types of materials to ensure the retailers: a) carry the right items, b) are still in business, and c) ensure the kits are going to the right mailing address.

5. Coupons and Rebates

Sure, many of our brands distribute coupons through mail campaigns and provide them at their retailers’ physical locations, but providing digital coupons through Promoboxx delivers additional benefits. By using the Campaign Designer in Promoboxx, our brands create eye-catching landing pages that capture their users’ attention and gather contact info from customers who want to receive these coupons. The retailers gain by expanding their mailing lists for sharing future marketing content.

GE Rebate

And the Range of Promoboxx Benefits Continues to Grow . . .

Those are just some of the ways that brands are using Promoboxx as we’re continuously evolving with new features and programs. It’s important to mention that many of these features are born out of hearing the wants our brands had and how they would like to use the platform. If you like the sound of these alternative uses of Promoboxx or have ideas on how you could utilize the platform, we want to know about it!