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BUCKEYE™ Nutrition Credits Retailers as the Lifeline of their Brand

At BUCKEYE™ Nutrition, independent retailers are an essential part of facilitating brand growth and engaging with the right consumers. This Small Business Saturday® BUCKEYE™ Nutrition is supporting the Shop Small® initiative with a digital retail marketing campaign that encourages consumers to visit their local stores for their shopping needs. Small Business Saturday was founded by American Express in 2010 to help strengthen local economies.

As a Corporate Sponsor of Small Business Saturday, Promoboxx encourages our brand partners to run paid ad campaigns with their local, specialty stores that remind consumers to spend their dollars in local communities. We interviewed Kristen Janicki, Technical Marketing Specialist at BUCKEYE™ Nutrition, about why their retailers are an essential part of connecting with their consumers and why they are in support of shopping small.

Tell us a little bit about the history of BUCKEYE™ Nutrition.

BUCKEYE™ Nutrition has been in business for over 100 years. We trace our beginning to 1910 when the Pocock Family of Massillon, Ohio, opened The Buckeye Cereal Company. Even back then, quality was at the center of our story. In September 2005, another family-owned company, Mars, Incorporated, purchased BUCKEYE™ Nutrition and shifted the company’s focus to premium equine nutrition. What does this mean for BUCKEYE™ Nutrition? It means an ongoing commitment to high-quality, consistent feeds produced by a family-owned, single plant rooted in tradition.

Why does BUCKEYE™ Nutrition invest in their retailers?

Our retailers are the lifeline of our brand. By investing in them, we are able to more effectively engage consumers in a way that is mutually beneficial to both retailers and our brand.

Why is BUCKEYE™ Nutrition supporting local retailers this Small Business Saturday by providing them with paid advertising funds through Promoboxx to help drive traffic, both online and in-stores?

BUCKEYE™ Nutrition believes in retailers and what they do for our brand. There is a mutual benefit to supporting our retailers as they give our brand life and meaning through day-to-day interactions and community involvement with consumers.

How do you support your independent retailers?

Our independent retailers are supported by our brand in many distinct ways; our district sales managers are our ‘boots on the ground.’ Our customer service department ensures retailers receive their order in a timely and correct manner. BUCKEYE™ Nutrition provides marketing support through digital and print media and supplies them with tools to properly sell our products, alongside access to nutritionists who can answer any questions and support them with product recommendations.

What is the best part about working with retailers?

The personal connections we build with our retailers are second to none. We value these relationships built on a mutual trust, respect and love of the horse and doing what’s right for them.

Why do your retailers uniquely understand your consumer?

Our retailers are interacting with our consumers every single day and know them best. They live in the communities where our consumers live and build relationships with them not just as business owners, but as horse enthusiasts.

We are proud to have BUCKEYE™ Nutrition as a partner in the ever-growing #shoplocal movement!

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