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Build Retailer Loyalty Through Your Sales Reps


For brands that depend on sales reps to build retailer relationships and sell their products to their accounts, two of the biggest challenges you and your reps face are creating brand loyalty and local awareness of your products. With this sales approach, traditionally it’s difficult for the brand to manage providing digital marketing materials to both the sales reps and the retailers. This leads to a lost opportunity for the brand to achieve retailer engagement, brand loyalty and ultimately, local customers.

Using an automated marketing technology platform where both you, sales reps and your retailers can all come together in one place to manage, execute and track digital campaigns is the solution. A recent group study completed by Aberdeen revealed that aligning sales and marketing teams resulted in 32% annual revenue growth.

build retailer loyalty through your sales reps

Help them ramp up their rockstar status with your retailers!

Why Reps Need Digital Support
Your sales reps want to build better relationships with their retailers so they can make a higher impact on brand sales. In order to accomplish this, they need digital marketing resources to connect and communicate with their retailers. A study completed by IKO System found that having the right mix of marketing materials was one of the top ten pain points of sales reps. Be a part of the change!

So, what’s in it for you? As the brand, you receive:

  • Local Customers and Awareness of “Where to Buy”
  • Amplified Campaign Reach
  • Brand Loyalty
  • Competitive Advantage
  • Tracking and Management

And the reaction of your retailer network is…
Jumping up and down excited! Your retailers are going to love it as the foot traffic comes in from the content you supplied. Your brand loyalty is going to be at an all-time high!

For example, here’s a quick look how it works with our Promoboxx platform:

happy retailer

Photo Credit : Nancy Kuehn | Minneapolis/St. Paul Business Journal

The Brand
You as the brand or your agency partner simply uploads your campaign content to a selected group of retailers, launch the campaign and email invitations, then you get to the really fun part…tracking your success! See which retailers had the most engagement and track your consumer reach.

Your Sales Reps
Your sales reps tell their accounts about this new, exciting benefit and encourage them to activate the campaign and share the content. Throughout the campaign, the reps can simply log-in and view which accounts shared the content and where they shared it. They gain valuable account insights with no technical savvy required!

Your Retailers
After they accept your email invitation, the retailers can then localize your content and automate syndication to their own online channels, reinforcing where customers can buy your products. Retailers are also able to view how consumers engaged with their content, which makes them happy!

Be the Ultimate Resource to Your Retailers!
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