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It’s Official: Campaign Builder Puts 10+ Days Back in Your Pocket

Back in January, we released some major platform improvements to help you save a ton of time, while also improving retailer support, through Promoboxx Campaign Builder.

Marketers are under tremendous pressure to get more done — and show a higher ROI — with fewer resources and less budget. With this release, we committed to making campaign building way faster and easier. We wanted to help our customers relieve some of that pressure, get time back in their days, and make retailer support fun and effective.

So, two months after the release, how did we do?

Campaign Builder Post LaunchIt used to take 4 business days (on average) for a brand user to launch their first share setting on a campaign. Now it takes less than 1!

It used to take almost 3 weeks (on average) from when a brand user first created a campaign to when they pressed the “send” button. Now it takes 4 business days!

All in, that’s about 10-13 business days time saved PER campaign.

Imagine what you can do with that time. Launch more campaigns? Read up on retailer support best practices? Figure out co-op? Take a real lunch break? The possibilities are endless.

Refresher on the Campaign Builder update

If you haven’t seen the new Campaign Builder, you’ve got to login and check it out! You can now quickly — and all at once — bulk upload, preview, and edit any number of assets, and then automatically share them across all six digital channels offered on Promoboxx. That means with one single click and one core message, you can share your content with all of your specialty retailers across Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, email, landing pages, and more.

What do you think?

We’re psyched about these time savings, and can’t wait for the next set of feature releases, but what really matters is what you think. Talk to your Customer Success Manager, or if you’re not a Promoboxx user yet, contact us to see a demo.


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