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5 Things We Learned from Retailers at Aligned 2018

Earlier this month, marketers came to Boston’s Seaport District from all across North America to be a part of the fifth annual Aligned Conference, the only national conference that brings together brand marketers, sales reps, and independent retailers to develop digital strategies that increase foot traffic, sales, and business impact.

We are so honored to have hosted a record number of manufacturing brands and independent, local retailers at Aligned 2018. For the first time, both brands and retailers came together to discuss the evolution of retail marketing under the banner of “It Takes a Community.” In case you weren’t able to attend, the Promoboxx Customer Support team pulled together our most significant learnings from retailers at Aligned.

1. A Little Support Goes a Long Way

I spoke at length with Jay Ford, owner of LoneStar eBikes at Aligned. He expressed how much Promoboxx has positively impacted his business and what it means to him to have brands join Promoboxx and show their support for his store. Jay made it clear that just like other local retailers, when his brands support him with world-class marketing, he supports them. The retailer sessions were full of business owners just like Jay that are eager for new strategies to help them optimize and grow their businesses. It was inspiring to see how intently each person listened and documented each piece of advice.

– Alison Rancourt, Customer Support Specialist 

2. Brands Can Get Creative When Supporting Their Retailers

I expecially loved the Retailer Panel at Aligned with Amy Parulis (Community Relations and Events Manager, Denali) and Cat Bartash (Buyer, Wheelworks). Brands and consumers play an essential role in supporting the local retailers that keep our communities unique and vibrant. Learning the specifics of how national brands often assist their retailers in hosting a variety of fun events that bring everyone together was inspiring. When you care about your retailers, you over-invest in them. I love when brands go above and beyond to help support their independent retailers.

– Megan Appleman, Customer Support Specialist 

3. Retailers Know Their Stuff

I was impressed by the overall marketing and business savviness of attending retailers at Aligned. It’s a reminder that independent retailers are already serving as local marketing experts in their own communities. Better yet, they’re still hungry to learn more — especially from each other. At Promoboxx, we have a tremendous opportunity to leverage their combined knowledge by creating ways for independent retailers to share their expertise more frequently with each other. 

– Sonciary Honnoll, Co-Founder and VP of Customer Support

4. Retailers Are Passionate About Their Businesses

At Aligned this year, I learned not just how retailers were operating their businesses, but why. For the retailers I talked to, it was about more than just making a buck. These independent, local retailers genuinely believe in the products they sell and choose them wisely because they’ve lived the lives of their customers. They know the pain points and needs of their industry, and they became leaders in their communities to help their friends, families, and neighbors learn and enjoy the field as much as they do. 

– Francesco Albanese, Customer Support Specialist

5. TheAligned Conference is Valuable to Retailers

The Aligned Conference has been in a league of its own since it’s inception – the only conference to bring brand marketers together to share and learn great ideas. At Aligned this year, however, Aligned was taken to the next level with the addition of retailers. Aligned is unique in that it is not a sales conference, not an expo, but rather a singular place for leaders in retail marketing and retailer marketers, to come together as peers. I learned that this was an exceptional opportunity for retailers and brands alike. – Chloe Chalakani, Customer Support Manager