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Aventon’s Season of Cool Yields Gnarly Results with Retailers⚡


In the bustling landscape of holiday promotions, Aventon, a leading provider of e-bikes, sought to stand out and make a significant impact during the winter season by offering customers a radical $600 discount on their newest e-bike models. Partnering with Promoboxx, Aventon rolled out a strategic (and epic) marketing campaign aimed at supporting local retailers and driving holiday traffic right to their business. 

Grab your tracksuit, and let’s flashback to take a closer look at their retro approach and how it became one of their most electrifying campaigns on Promoboxx. 

Campaign Planning and Execution

Aventon’s marketing team crafted a comprehensive campaign on Promoboxx encompassing 15 different 80s-inspired images and videos for Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Not only was the content bright, fun, and engaging, but so was the copy alongside the posts – including language and emojis that were right on theme ❄️  

The social shares linked directly to the retailer’s websites to drive traffic both online and offline. High-quality assets were also available for download, which can often be used for in-store print materials.

Retailers were notified of the new content via email and encouraged to access the click-to-publish shares directly on their Promoboxx dashboard. Retailers that were set up to automate had co-branded posts sent out seamlessly onto their social feeds without any action required.  

GNARLY Results

Aventon was successful in driving over 2.2K retailer activities with this campaign and supporting over 320 of their local retailer storefronts. You have to see it to believe it! Check out some of their live posts and consumer data below. 


  • Number of Retail Storefronts: 300+
  • Total Campaign Activities: 2.2K+
  • Total Consumer Impressions: 151K+
  • Total Consumer Engagements: 3.4K+
  • Total Link Clicks: 600+

Retailer Testimonials:

“I love having premade campaigns that could go directly onto my Facebook as well as Instagram. It’s a valuable asset to me since I do not have to spend time doing the creative work.”

  • Lake Placid Cyclery

“Sharing what is currently in stock is a huge advantage for our partnership with Aventon!  Customers appreciate this up-to-date information.”

  • Daytona Electric Bikes

Using Promoboxx, Aventon’s team engaged retailers and consumers with a highly successful campaign. This success demonstrates the power of strategic collaboration between brands and their retailers, with the common goal of boosting brand visibility and retailer traffic during the busy holiday season.