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Feature Highlight: Automation

Don’t have someone dedicated to maintaining a social presence for your business? Just getting started with social media and would like some help getting off the ground? If so, Promoboxx’s automation feature is designed for you! Reap the benefits of regular high-quality, brand-approved content with a hands-off account management style.

What is automation?

Automation is an optional setting within your Promoboxx account that will automatically post Facebook and/or Twitter content from your brand(s) to your business’ social accounts on a regular basis. Once enabled, whenever your brand(s) launch a new campaign, Promoboxx will automatically schedule and share social media posts on your behalf – no content management necessary.

By using automation, your business can build and maintain a fresh and engaging social presence without sacrificing the time or resources.

How do I enable automation?

Once you add your business’ social pages to Promoboxx, you have the option to enable automation. Follow the steps below to enable Facebook and/or Twitter automation for your business.

  1. Login to Promoboxx (
  2. Navigate to Business Info on the left navigation bar
  3. Select the Social Accounts tab
  4. Click “Manage Settings” on the social account(s) you would like to automate
  5. Check off the brand(s) whose content you would like automated and hit “Save”
  6. Sit back and relax! We’ve got the rest covered.

Where can I see my automation schedule?

As your brand(s) schedule campaign content on your behalf, the Schedule tab will display your business’ content schedule. Here you can preview, edit, reschedule or delete any of your upcoming posts. Your schedule can be viewed by “Calendar” or “Timeline” format at the top left of the page.

Note: If you have access to multiple brands on Promoboxx, make sure that you have “All Brands” selected from the top left of your Dashboard to preview your automation schedule across all brand content.

Calendar Schedule

Example of a content schedule using calendar view

How often will automation post for me?

Automation schedules vary by brand and campaign. Once automation is enabled, your Schedule tab will display any upcoming automated posts – this will give you a good indicator of a brand’s automation cadence.

If you would like to inquire about a specific brand’s automation cadence, please contact Promoboxx Support.

Is there a downside to using automation?

Automation is only recommended for business’ in a particular situation – one without a social media manager and/or just getting started with social media marketing. By using automation, your business will be sharing generic versions of brand-approved content and removes any “localized” feel that manually customizing, scheduling and sharing content allows you to do.

Retailer Quick Tip:

In the process of hiring someone for social media? Enable automation for your brand content now and disable it once you have someone that can manage your content for you. It’s a win-win situation!

Have suggestions for features that you would like to see on Promoboxx? Send your ideas to – we’d love to hear them!