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Feature Highlight: Customizing Content

Looking to add your own twist to the content that you share from brands on Promoboxx? Learn how to customize your content to maximize your business’ social potential and keep your content different from another local store’s down the road.

Why is customizing important?

Customizing your content allows your business to bring forth its personality and voice through brand content on Promoboxx. By customizing content, you can highlight specific details and information specific to your store and the content that you’re sharing.

What can I customize on Promoboxx?

You have the opportunity to customize Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Email marketing template content from the brands you access on Promoboxx.

What can I not customize on Promoboxx?

At this time, you are unable to customize your website banner/buttons and are unable to edit the brand imagery (i.e.: you are cannot superimpose your business’ logo on top of the brand image) on Promoboxx.

How do I customize content?

If you’re interested in customizing content on Promoboxx, please log in to your account and select a brand campaign from your Content tab. Navigate to the marketing channel that you would like to share on (i.e: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and/or Email) and follow the channel-specific steps below to customize your content!

How to Customize Facebook Content:

  1. Review Facebook post options for campaign
  2. Click “Preview and Share” below a post that speaks most to your business
  3. Use the “Add a Message” field to customize your post with a unique message (include 1-2 hashtags and any business-specific details to make it authentic!)
  4. Utilize the “Suggested Copy” options if you need inspiration or a quick custom message
  5. Schedule or share your engaging post!


How to Customize Twitter Content:

  1. Review Twitter post options for campaign
  2. Click “Preview and Share” below the tweet that best represents your business
  3. Use the “Edit Message” field to customize your tweet (include custom hashtags and details for your store)
  4. Schedule or share your custom tweet!


How to Customize Instagram Content:

  1. Follow the steps here to share Instagram content via Promoboxx
  2. On the last step of sharing, paste the suggested text from Promoboxx or create your own
  3. Tag Instagram users, geotag your business’ location and add hashtags to maximize your reach and make your post unique
  4. Share your post!

Customize Instagram Post   Customized Instagram Post










How to Customize Email Marketing Content:

  1. Review email marketing options for campaign
  2. Click “Preview and Send” below the template you want to use
  3. Select the group of recipients who should receive your email
  4. Edit the subject line of your email to optimize open rates
  5. Schedule or send your e-blast!

Note: If you would like to customize the body of your email marketing template, you can do so by copying the HTML of your email template and edit it within your external email marketing application (i.e: MailChimp, Constant Contact, etc.)

How often should I customize?

Whenever possible. Customizing your content will help to improve its reach and engagement with your local audience. Content without a unique caption, question or hashtag will hinder its performance and put you one step behind the competition.

Retailer Quick Tip:

Blanking on what to customize your Facebook content with? Need some inspiration? Look for Suggested Copy options from your brand while customizing Facebook posts to get your creative juices flowing.

Have suggestions for features that you would like to see on Promoboxx? Send your ideas to – we’d love to hear them!