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New! Authorized Retailer Program

Do you use the Promoboxx platform to support your business’ digital marketing efforts? Join the Promoboxx Authorized Retailer program to show the world your local marketing expertise! It’s part loyalty program, part “Promoboxx fan club” that awards you for being an active business on our platform.

As an Authorized Retailer, you can earn special swag, Promoboxx Local Ads Credits, access to new functionality, and VIP status at our annual Aligned Conference in Boston, Massachusetts.

Become an Authorized Retailer & Earn $10 in Local Ads Credits Today!

Here’s what you need to do:

  1. Fill out your info on this landing page and we’ll mail you an official Promoboxx Authorized Retailer sticker
  2. Place your Authorized Retailer sticker on your storefront window or door
  3. Snap a picture and post it to your business’ Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram account
  4. Tag @Promoboxx and include #PromoboxxAuthorizedRetailer so we know when you’ve shared!

Why a sticker? The Promoboxx Authorized Retailer sticker serves as a conversation starter for you and your consumers as well as you and your sales reps.

Consumer Angle: When customers see your Authorized Retailer sticker in the window, we want it to spark a conversation about your digital presence. Are they following you on social media? Are they on your email marketing list? Use this as an opportunity to grow your online community. You can also use this time to educate consumers about what brands are going above and beyond to support your business online.

Sales Rep Angle: One of our goals at Promoboxx is to provide your business with access to as many of your in-store brands’ content as possible. When a sales rep from a brand we do not partner with comes into your store, we want them to see your Authorized Retailer sticker and have it prompt a conversation about how and why their brand should be supporting you on Promoboxx, too.

So, what are you waiting for? Become a Promoboxx Authorized Retailer today »

Questions? Contact us at or call +1-800-380-7502 x1.