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Small Biz Spotlight: Hearty Pet

At Promoboxx we believe in retailers – and so we make a point to highlight some of the great businesses we support every day. For this installment, we spoke with Brittany Colby from Hearty Pet located in Hagerstown, Maryland.

What role does social media play in your business/marketing overall?

Social media plays a huge role in how we reach our customers and has become instrumental after COVID. It’s our voice and how we personify ourselves to not only local folks but nationwide to people we haven’t met. #alwaysmarketing

Has your social media changed over time?

I think social media naturally evolves over time as the business, the people, and the global pet nutrition landscape changes. Also, the social platforms themselves are always adding new features and functionality to stay relevant.

Why do you use Promoboxx?

Promoboxx is probably the easiest marketing tool on the planet, and incredibly effective. To have social media posts ready at the click of a button allows us to quickly share information directly from brands or industry experts, without us at Hearty Pet having to create content that may not best reflect the products or information we’re trying to convey.

Why should other pet care retailers use social to grow their businesses?

It’s the ‘go-to’ source for information and updates for many of today’s shoppers. Most pet parents naturally turn there for retailer specials, or to learn about new products that are being offered. And they expect the information shown there to be accurate and up to date… so if they see otherwise, there’s a good chance they may look elsewhere.

Favorite/ preferred social channel(s)

Facebook and Instagram (and we love TikTok – though we haven’t posted any just yet!)

Which Promoboxx programs do you participate in?

Brand Content and Pet Care Industry Content, along with all brand-specific channels as well.

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