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Celebrate the Holiday Season

With holiday retail sales reaching over $886 billion in 2021, your business cannot afford to miss out this holiday season!

Try out these ideas from Constant Contact and Light Speed to create some great holiday promotions and get the word out about your products.

Holiday promotion ideas to help you sell more

1. Try an early bird offer

2. Share a holiday gift guide

3. Highlight a gift card bonus offer

4. Run a holiday photo contest

5. Promote your holiday events

6. Try a contest or giveaway

7. Plan your holiday content calendar

8. Promote obscure holiday sales

9. Boost holiday themed posts on social media

10. Use posts and reels on social media for promotion

Check out all of the holiday content already created for you on Promoboxx here.

5 tips to make your holiday promotions successful

1. Make sure your message is timely

2. Make it easy to take advantage of your holiday promotions

3. Make your promotions personal

4. Keep communications engaging

5. Make your promotions shareable

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