An effective social promotion should follow two simple rules: 1) be clean 2) be mean.

Clean, is a strong incentive with a powerful call-to-action. For example, Enter to Win a Kindle or 10% Off All Fall T-Shirts. You have moments, in fact seconds, to get your point across, so don’t mince words. Leave the clarifying rules and guidelines for your “Official Rules.”  Don’t stack your promotions either, it confuses the promotion and smacks of desperation. Nobody cares if you’re serving free coffee and donuts at your sale. Leave it out of your marketing and let them be surprised when they get there.

Mean, is your promotional duration. For example: Offer ends Midnight October 31st. Be strong, and stick to it! The threat of missing a great opportunity needs to be real. Magnify the urgency with email reminder campaigns (“Just Hours Left to Save”). For those who want an extension or special treatment, say no.  But, remind them to be on the lookout for the next promotion and they’ll be waiting with baited breath. Be credible and your customers will reward you with the loyalty of buying stuff at full value.

Now, you try it. Go to the Promoboxx, and build an online social promotion today.

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