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Converse Seasonal Campaign Pops with Digital Retail Marketing Strategy for Its Brick-and-Mortars


For their Seasonal Colour campaign, Converse Canada focused on a digital and mobile strategy with their local retailers. With this campaign, Converse wasn’t seeking to redefine the Chuck Taylor All Star high-top sneaker we all know and love. Rather, they sought to take the celebrated classic and add a splash of bold new colors for the 2015 fall collection.

Converse Canada had all of this amazing, eye-catching marketing content to promote the new product addition, but how could they create awareness locally under the time constraints of a seasonal campaign? That’s where their independent retailers entered the picture.

Converse Creates Local Message Consistency & Seasonal Campaign Urgency

Creating campaign consistency at a local level and urgency among retailer networks to promote it are the top challenges for seasonal campaigns. Converse Canada, however, avoided these pitfalls by utilizing Promoboxx to engage their retailers during their fall 2015 Seasonal Colour campaign.

Converse understands that independent retailers have the strongest influence in their local communities and connection with customers. So to amplify their campaign message locally, Converse leveraged the Promoboxx platform to invite their independent retailers to promote Seasonal Colour content across key digital and mobile channels. Retailers shared content across Facebook, Twitter, and their websites, driving awareness and bringing more customers in-store.

To create urgency, local retailers received an email invitation to participate in the Seasonal Colours campaign. The email invite draws the retailer in, creates urgency by giving them a clear end date to the program, and shows them how many other retailers in their region or country have promoted this campaign to date.

Local Retailers Paint the Town with Striking Co-Branded Content

Kicking things into gear, Converse’s independent retailers promoted automatically localized, co-branded campaign content across key digital and mobile marketing channels through Promoboxx.

In addition to promoting Seasonal Colours content across a retailers’ owned digital channels (Facebook, Twitter, website), Converse saw the value in expanding campaign reach to attract new local audiences. With consumers spending an increasing amount of time on mobile and digital devices, the footwear brand took their marketing efforts to the next level by utilizing co-branded mobile display ads and Google Search ads with their independent retailers via Promoboxx Local Ads.

With Promoboxx Local Ads, Converse and their independent retailers simply and effectively launched local paid display advertisements on key mobile networks and Google Search, placing both the brand and the local retailers’ stores top of mind with untapped local audiences.

Take a look at how the co-branded creative looked for Converse’s Seasonal Colour campaign:

converse seasonal colour

By promoting the Seasonal Colour campaign and bringing some fresh color to digital and mobile channels, Converse’s independent retailers created further brand awareness at the local level, all while reaching local consumers with awesome product imagery.

Converse Canada Leveraged Promoboxx to Help Seasonal Colour Shine

“We’re hyped on this program, it’s getting awesome content to our retailer partners across the country.” – Wes Loates, Marketing Manager at Converse Canada

By partnering with Promoboxx to provide their independent retailers with co-branded digital marketing materials and local ad funds, Converse Canada heightened their retailer support efforts to create campaign message consistency and urgency. All the while, the footwear brand was able to build past their existing audience fan base and reach new consumers at that crucial local level.

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