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Convert Impressions into Customers with Facebook Targeting


With more than one billion people spending time on Facebook each month, the platform offers unprecedented access to robust and highly accurate targeting data. For any brand focused on reaching valuable consumers in local markets, leveraging this targeting is a necessary advertising strategy.

There’s no better avenue to take advantage of this opportunity than through your retail network. Partner with your retailers to reach and engage the consumers who matter most: people who are both interested in purchasing your product and near your retailers’ stores.

Local Targeting Made Easytrek bikes facebook targeting

At Promoboxx, our core value is to create connection and alignment between brands and their local retailers, with geo-targeting at the retail level built into the DNA of our platform. We’ve recently enhanced this capability, expanding our Facebook ads targeting to also reach consumers based on demographics, interests, and purchase behavior.

Our client Trek Bikes recently took advantage of this, running a highly targeted campaign on Facebook using Promoboxx Local Ads to drive awareness of a major sale. Trek knew their retailers wanted to reach not only people near them interested in biking, but also those who recently purchased cycling products — valuable consumer information available on Facebook.

Implementing a successful ads targeting strategy requires time, effort, and Facebook know-how, often preventing time-strapped retailers from taking advantage of the rich consumer data available. By leveraging Promoboxx Local Ads, Trek provided their dealers with a mechanism to generate quality leads, find new relevant customers, and learn more about their audience overall.

Best Practices: Make Facebook Targeting Work for Your Retailers

While Trek’s campaign was a massive success – delivering over one million impressions to local cyclists across hundreds of retailers – implementing a consumer targeting strategy for paid campaigns in local markets can be challenging, particularly without previous experience.

Here are three best practices to get you started:

1. Don’t Reinvent the Wheel

When implementing a consumer targeting strategy for local advertising, you don’t have to start from scratch.

If you’re running a national paid campaign for the same product or promotion, review the consumer targeting already implemented at the national level on Facebook and other channels. By leveraging your brand’s existing insights about consumer interests and behaviors, you’ll find the right people via your retailer network as well.

Additionally, if you’ve previously run targeted local advertising for a similar product, take a look at the results by audience, and optimize accordingly. Effectively applying lessons from previous efforts saves time and ensures that local retailers reach the right consumers.

2. Customize Content to Improve Performance

That said, it’s important to remember that consumers respond differently to distinct product lines and creative concepts. Targeting that worked well for a previous launch may be a far cry from what resonates this time around.

For example, a grill sale with recipe-centric creative will resonate with people who love to cook, whereas an appliance promotion encouraging full kitchen makeovers is a great fit for new homeowners.

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People are more likely to interact with content that feels relevant to them, driving increased advertising performance and, ultimately, more foot traffic to your local retailers.

3. Strike a Balance

When running a targeted local ads program, the first priority is to ensure your retailers only reach consumers near their stores, who are likely to shop in these locations.

Since geo-targeting will always be implemented, it’s important to ensure that your additional targeting parameters (demographics, interests, and behaviors) are not so specific that the potential local audience size is too narrow.

In order to make sure your retailers reach a meaningful number of local consumers, identify broad targeting goals that help find the right people — without going too granular. For example:

  • Do you want to drive awareness among millennials?
  • Was the creative designed to resonate more with men vs. women?
  • Is your customer someone you can almost certainly nail down with past purchase behaviors?

Once you’ve identified the key campaign objectives, it will be that much easier to hone in on your most valuable customers with an audience size that works for local markets.

Promoboxx Local Ads: Reach the Customers That Matter Most

Join Trek Bikes, New Balance, and other leading brands leveraging Local Ads to team up with retailers and unlock the full potential of untapped local audiences.

With Promoboxx Local Ads, brands simply and effectively extend their sophisticated content, targeting, and media mix to resource-strapped retailers, reaching new local customers on mobile devices and driving them in-store.

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