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Coolin’ Off with Froyo Fridays

At our startup we truly understand the importance of team bonding, whether it’s eating lunch together, taking a quick coffee break, or sending around the occasional humorous cat meme to brighten the day. That’s why we thought, what better way to bond in the summertime than coolin’ off with some delicious frozen treats? At Promoboxx, summertime Fridays are froyo time fridays!

For those of you who haven’t caught on…

Froyo (n): An abbreviation of “frozen yogurt”, is a frozen dessert made with yogurt and sometimes other dairy products; Similar to ice cream, it is beloved by all, especially when toppings have been added: “Let’s all enjoy some froyo from Cafe Podima.”

Just take a look at this beauty. A combo devised by yours truly of chocolate froyo, bananas, craklin’ oat bran, and coconut!

At Promoboxx, we connect frozen yogurt to happy and hungry bellies almost as well as brands to their retailers! In fact, Cafe Podima finally gave us a coupon (that’s loyalty!)

Just take a look at our team celebrating the end of another great week. TGIF!