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Retailers Rule! Digital Marketing Insights from Mohawk Retailer, Metro Floors

Local retailers are the backbone of the US economy, and it’s no secret that digital marketing now plays a huge role in their success. This is why we started the Retailers Rule! interview series, to share retailer insights on digital marketing that help them better connect and align with the brands whose products they sell.

Our latest interview features Adam Pace of Metro Floors, based in Lancaster, California. Over the course of our conversation, we talked about the impact of utilizing a mix of digital marketing strategies, the effectiveness of social media scheduling, and how Mohawk provides Metro Floors with digital marketing support through Promoboxx.

Adam Pace, Metro Floors

Adam Pace, Metro Floors

Tell us a little bit about your business and your role.

Metro Floors has been open since ‘81. We’re a mom and pop. It’s my father’s business, but I’ve been here for about eight years now. I manage all of the digital marketing, but I do a little bit of everything [laughs]. Our store has been using a digital marketing strategy for about four to five years now.

What are the most important digital channels for your store?

We do social. We have a very good website. We’ve worked in SEO, Google AdWords. We might start using beacon technology. A little bit of everything.

It’s kind of hard to track completely, but it all helps to funnel people to our website. We have a great CTA page on there. We get a lot of requests for estimates, make appointments, and so on. I think it’s the mix of strategies that helps us to connect with people.

What is your favorite Promoboxx feature?

I’ve been using it for about two years, and being able to schedule Mohawk content is definitely my favorite feature. It makes it so that I don’t have to micromanage a campaign. I easily go through the content and if I like all of it (which I normally do), I schedule it, and then it does its thing. I love that actually [laughs].

I also love that we can earn spending for certain Facebook ads by promoting Mohawk content through Promoboxx. If we have a post that’s been really successful, I can easily funnel money to it through the platform.

How does digital content impact your store’s success?

The content that does best and engages people the most is the more lifestyle-focused Mohawk content. I like that the content that we share on Facebook and other channels offers things like recipes or design ideas, so people actually find the value of liking Metro Floors’ page. We’re more than just ads.

What has been your favorite Mohawk campaign and why?

I always love Mohawk’s campaigns for Breast Cancer Awareness Month. It helps to raise funds for the Susan G. Komen Foundation. Every October, we hold an event at the store behind that to create further awareness. We all get together, wear pink and raise funds. It’s really great.

Here’s an example of Mohawk’s campaign for Breast Cancer Awareness Month, as promoted by Metro Floors:

digital marketing insights

What are your thoughts on the digital marketing support received from the brands you sell?

Mohawk is the only brand that is helping us with things like content for social media or talking to us about digital marketing. Some offer content through Dropbox, but I have to dig through it, and they don’t offer ad funds for key campaigns or anything like that.

Any advice for retailers who are new to digital marketing?

You have to do it. I know it’s new to a lot of people, but it works. It’s the future. I never see print anything. You have to think about the new generations, spending all of our time on our phones and the Internet. You need to put your ad dollars there, if you want people to come buy from you. Otherwise, local consumers won’t know you exist.

What is your biggest piece of advice for retailers just starting on Promoboxx?

Just get in there and start using it. It’s really easy. If you’re not familiar, just play around with it. It’s very user-friendly, so you shouldn’t be afraid. If you can send an email, you can use Promoboxx. It’s that simple.

Thanks so much to Adam for taking the time to speak with us! Be sure to check out Metro Floors on their Facebook page and website.

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