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Digital Marketing on Main Street: Who’s Looking Out for the Little Guys?

You’ve probably heard the story. Growing up, our CEO Ben Carcio always looked forward to visits from the local alcohol distributors delivering the latest marketing materials to his parents’ liquor store. Equipped with neon Budweiser signs, Heineken coolers and Coors koozies, their visits represented a  mutually beneficial marketing relationship between the big brands and the retailers who sold their product. These huge companies knew the value of sponsoring their retailers’ marketing efforts, and Ben’s parents relied on the support of the brands to promote their store.

These days it is clear that these in-store marketing materials don’t have the same draw as they once did; consumers are spending most of their time online talking to friends, sharing content, and of course, shopping. Therefore, it is imperative that independent retailers big and small promote their products in the digital media space.

However, that’s not always as easy as it sounds, and retailers no longer have that same support they once had when it comes to online marketing. While big brands have the time and resources to invest in digital media, the “little guys” are not so lucky. Sure, they’d love to take advantage of the exposure online, but who’s going to manage their online channels? Who knows how to do that, anyway? And who’s going to pay for it? These are questions that both the brands and retailers need answered in order to keep ahead of their competitors in the digital landscape that exists today.

Promoboxx aims to answer those questions by bringing that same symbiotic relationship that Ben’s parents experienced with local distributors to today’s online marketing. Check out our recent blog post that outlined how brands and retailers can use Promoboxx to strengthen their relationship and build their influence in the digital world.