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Electrolux Drives 11,000 Unique Consumer Leads to Its Dealers with Innovative Local Ads Solution

Many brands and local retailers struggle to reach new customers, especially when it comes to increasing where-to-buy awareness for their products. Electrolux sought to provide their dealers with a solution to this challenge, leveraging the newly announced Promoboxx Local Ads in order to connect them with untapped consumer audiences.

Electrolux is no stranger to working with their local dealers to digitally amplify national messaging at the local level in order to bring customers into the stores. With the campaign for their Dream Kitchen Sweepstakes, however, Electrolux took things one step further, realizing the full potential of Promoboxx Local Ads to provide their dealers consumer leads, allowing dealers to stay focused on managing their stores.

An Innovative Approach to Lead Generation

A targeted group of Electrolux dealers were invited to promote the Dream Kitchen Sweepstakes campaign content across key digital channels. After promoting the content, dealers were awarded for their participation with brand-funded local ad dollars to spend across Facebook and mobile display.

Within the Promoboxx platform, retailers redeemed the ad funds, resulting in more awareness of their store and its Electrolux offerings. Consumers who engaged with the content were entered to win an Electrolux Dishwasher or Front Control Freestanding Range. At the end of the campaign, 95% of the total 6.1 million Facebook and Mobile Display impressions were delivered to local consumers on mobile devices.

In line with consumer trends of spending more time and taking greater actions on mobile, Electrolux employed these geo-targeted ads to place themselves top of mind with consumers at crucial touch points along the consumer journey. Once clicked, these ads took consumers to a lead generation form integrated into a mobile-friendly landing page that highlighted both the brand and the local dealer.

Take a look at Electrolux’s Dream Kitchen Sweepstakes campaign, as promoted by their local dealers:

electrolux dream kitchen local ads

The form collected all of the leads that came in and sent them directly to the dealer so that they could then pursue further. As a result, Electrolux supplied them with not just a means of reaching a wider local audience via digital brand content, but also a specific contact list of potential customers to target and seek out.

In contrast to campaigns without Local Ads funding, Electrolux’s Dream Kitchen campaign tripled its dealer engagement rate and provided each of their participating dealers with five times more consumer leads.

Campaign Results:

  • 6.1M Facebook and Mobile Display Impressions
  • 11,000 Unique Consumer Leads
  • 3x Dealer Engagement*
  • 5x More Consumer Leads*

Electrolux’s forward-thinking approach to running a localized dealer lead generation campaign on mobile across display and social channels is impressive. By connecting and aligning with their local dealers to engage consumer audiences on key digital and mobile channels, Electrolux further amplified brand awareness and drove new customers in-store to make a purchase.

Promoboxx Local Ads: Reach New Local Customers & Bring Them Into the Stores

Electrolux is just one of many national brands leveraging Local Ads to enhance success at the local level by supporting their dealer network with this scalable technology. With Promoboxx Local Ads, brands simply and effectively extend their sophisticated content, targeting capabilities, and media mix to resource-strapped retailers.

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*Compared to campaign without Local Ads funding