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6 Essential Tips for Retailer Email Communication

Email communication can be an incredibly powerful tool to reach your retailers, but it’s only as effective as the marketing and design strategy you use to build the emails.

It’s time to take your communications to the next level! Here are six essential do’s and don’ts of email communication that you should consider when writing your next email to your retailers.

DON’T write subject lines that go over 50 characters.

The subject line of your email is an opportunity to grab the attention of your retailer and encourage them to open it. You want it to be informative, but also short and to the point. Short subject lines have higher click-through-rates.

DO use visuals in your email.

Imagery plays an important role in storytelling, making your communications visually appealing and drawing the attention of your retailers.

If you’re ready to take your communication efforts to the next level, consider adding an image or an animated GIF to your next message. Images are a great way to grab the attention of your retailer and pique their interest. GIFs are simple animated images that can work really well in emails when used appropriately, such as showing snapshots of brand assets or even showing a new product being used.

Whatever you end up using, keep in mind that the visuals must be relevant and should not overpower the call-to-action of your email. Be sure to choose high-quality visuals, too!

DON’T write emails that are extremely text-heavy.

As research shows, the average attention span of an adult is only eight seconds, so remember to make the salient details of your email stand out.

You want your retailers to be able to scan through the email and understand key points without having to read everything word-for-word (since they most likely won’t anyway).

DO add personalization to your email.

Another tactic that can increase email open rates and click-through rates is personalization.

Using retailer variables in your email allows you to easily target each user, giving them a more personalized, friendly experience. Whether you call out the user name or the name of the retailer, it’s guaranteed to increase the click-through rate of your email.

Ultimately, though, email personalization can result in more meaningful relationships with your retailers!

DON’T forget to make sure the email is mobile-optimized.

56% of emails are read on mobile devices, so you want to make sure that your emails are fully optimized and easy to read on any mobile device. You can ensure that they are looking good by sending yourself a test of the email and then opening it up on your mobile device.

DO include a call-to-action and make it stand out!

The emails you send to your retailers should always have a goal, whether it may be getting them to promote content or a campaign or take part in a new brand initiative. Regardless, the structure and body of your email should be meaningfully building up to that call-to-action, so make it stand out!

Also, avoid text CTAs and go with buttons. They look cleaner, bolder, more colorful, and allow for easy clicking on mobile devices.

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