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Facebook Page “Promotions Tab” Install in Three Easy Steps

Here at Promoboxx, we understand that creating a Facebook Tab for your promotion is one of the most important steps in getting more leads. Although sometimes…it can be the most confusing! So, we decided to simplify the entire process to help make your Facebook Tab easier to setup, and crazy successful too! That way, you’ll want to launch more marketing campaigns for say, your next product launch, contest, giveaway, coupon, or sweepstakes. Basically, whatever your business-savvy mind can come up with.

“Promotions Tab” Example – Cat Footwear

CAT Footwear recently made use of Promoboxx’s “Promotions Tab” feature in their current Facebook Promotion, so we will use it as an example to show how easy it really is.

Step 1: Install

On the Promote page of the Promoboxx Promotion Builder, click “Select Facebook Page” to install the Facebook “Promotions Tab.”

Facebook Promotions Tab Install

Step 2: Confirm

Confirm that you’re an administrator and choose which page to add the “Promotions Tab” to.

Admin chooses page

Step 3: Choose Layout

Choose if you’d like to 1) Use the default tab layout, 2) Upload your own tab image, or 3) Create your own custom HTML.

Option 1) To use the Promoboxx “Promotions Tab” default template, click and save as “Default Layout.”

Promoboxx Default Promotion Layout Option

Option 2) To upload your custom image, click and save as “Upload Image.”

Promoboxx Promotion Image Upload Option

Option 3) To use your own custom HTML, click and save as “Custom HTML.”

Promoboxx Promotion Custom HTML Option

And that’s it!

Here’s an example of Cat Footwear’s “Promotions Tab” as a custom HTML tab that looks pretty similar to our default tab design. If you’re a NASCAR fan, you definitely want to take a closer look at their current promotion. Don’t be fooled though, the other two options for your Facebook “Promotions Tab” will just as easily make your promotion look as professional at Cat’s without any coding!

CAT Footwear Facebook Promotions Tab

For more examples, check out some of the current Facebook promotions that were built using our platform.

*Hint for Advanced Users*  After installing, you can edit the name of the “Promotions Tab” within Facebook to anything you would like to call it!