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Faces of Promoboxx: Meet Barbara Donnelly


Meet Promoboxx’s new Retail Support Specialist, Barbara Donnelly! We are so excited to welcome Barbara to our team, and to get to know her better, we asked her a few questions. Check out her answers below!

Tell us a little bit about yourself.

I’m a born and bred New Yorker who, after a couple of years on Wall Street, moved to Boston to finish my degree. It was easy to fall in love with this wonderful city, and I’m glad I never left. I’ve worked in many industries, including retail (both online and brick-and-mortar), consulting and pharmaceuticals.

Most recently, I was at TripAdvisor, where for 8 years I provided our users with solutions to their issues and spearheaded many initiatives to streamline and automate our customer support processes globally. I really love talking with people and coming up with creative solutions to problems.

faces of promoboxx

Welcome, Barbara!

What made you want to join the Promoboxx team?

I first heard about Promoboxx from its Shop Rescue program. I love to shop locally and support the local economy here in Boston and beyond. I’m so glad to now work for a company where that is the foundation. When I came across the job listing, I had butterflies in my stomach because it seemed too good to be true. The team is so passionate and knowledgeable, and everyone really believes in the product.

What’s your favorite independent business in Boston?

This is a hard question because I have so many favorites…

Trident Booksellers for their excellent book selection and service. My knitting group also meets there every other week, and they don’t complain about us getting 20 individual checks.

Stitch House in Dorchester is another. This awesome shop is around the corner from my house and has a great selection of yarn. The owner is also a neighbor. You can’t get more local than that.

Miniluxe for giving me the best manicures in Boston.

Deserted on an island, what three things do you bring?

A solar-powered iPhone, a solar-powered Kindle, and a machete.

Best advice you’ve ever been given?

From my dad (which he said to all of his kids): “You’re the most important person in the world.”

Best book you’ve ever read?

That’s like asking me to pick a favorite child! Harvesting the Heart, by Jodi Picoult; Gone with the Wind, by Margaret Mitchell; A Hope in the Unseen, by Ron Suskind; Random Family, by Adrian Nicole LeBlanc.

What do you admire most in a brand?

Top-notch customer service, community engagement, and a commitment to their fans and customers.

Do you have any hobbies?

I love to knit and sew (as you could probably guess). I recently finished knitting a cashmere cowl, and I hope to sew up a laptop sleeve next. I also love shopping and going to the movies, especially disaster movies.

Interested in working at Promoboxx? We’re always looking for talented individuals; email us at!