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Feature Review: Reach More Customers with National View


Accelerate the reach of your marketing content and drive more customers to your co-branded campaigns with the Promoboxx National View.

One of the key indicators of success for an online marketing campaign is customer engagement – you want your content to reach as many customers as possible. With the Promoboxx National View feature for co-branded landing pages, brands can accelerate customer reach by sharing a retailer-agnostic version of their campaign. Customers that see this National View can enter their city or zipcode, which has the added benefit of localizing customers to retailers nearby.

The National View is automatically generated for each campaign built via Promoboxx, and is an agnostic version of the campaign content with a retailer location lookup feature. Brands use the National View to get the word out about the campaign – sharing the view on their national channels and driving customers to their local retail locations.


We make it incredibly easy to use this feature with just a few steps:

  • Build a campaign landing page using the Promoboxx Campaign Designer, and
  • Choose whether you’d like to display the National View as a modal pop-up box, or as a splash page.
  • Customize your National View to fit the look and feel of your campaign.
  • Share the National View campaign link on your national marketing channels to drive consumer awareness of your campaign and the retailers that are participating!

Your retailers will love the additional traffic generated by the National View. And you’re more likely to increase the overall impressions and consumer engagement with your content if you share the campaign on national channels.

Find out more about how to maximize the reach of your online marketing campaigns by reaching out!