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Five Reasons to Provide Your Retailers with the Content That They Need

We get it- producing content is hard. Why should you and your agencies slave over producing the best content for Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc., just to give it to your retailers to use freely, right?

Wrong. Read on to hear the 5 reasons why it’s critical to share the wealth when it comes to retailer marketing… you just might change your tune.

1. Because your retailers are busy selling YOUR products, and they don’t have time to manage their online marketing.

The majority of independent retailers are swamped. Between helping customers, managing inventory, and balancing the books – maintaining their digital channels is oftentimes an afterthought. Help your retailers (and your bottom line) by providing them with the tools and resources that they need to properly promote their businesses and your brand online.


Bridgestone supplies its dealers with professional, sophisticated content

2. Because it’s better content than what they would post.The Locker Room

While there are absolutely retailers who rock at local content marketing, we’ve just established that retailers are busy, so we don’t blame the majority who end up with mediocre or rogue content hastily posted on their channels. While brands can hire an agency to craft the perfect copy, or a photographer to capture the light required for a good image, retailers can’t – and their content can often reflect that. Above all, the retailer could be the best independent out there when it comes to digital marketing, but they will never market a brand’s product better than the brand itself; it’s essential brands get their professional, aligned content to as many retailers as possible.

3. Because you want your brand represented correctly.

If you don’t provide your retailers with easy access to properly branded content, your retailers might be left to promote outdated content, tied to the wrong SKU, or alter it so that it is outside of your brand guidelines. The onus here falls on both the brand and the retailer, not just the retailer. Besides, you’re already spending valuable resources developing marketing and advertising collateral, and you’re missing out on a major opportunity if your retailers can’t leverage it.

Screen Shot 2014-12-12 at 10.10.49 AM

Timberland shares the release of a new product with its retailers to co-market

4. Because you’ll win retailer loyalty over your competitors.

If one brand is providing their retailers with easy, accessible tools to help them market products, it’s easy to guess which brand the retailer will be promoting not only online, but also with in-store transactions.

5. Because it’s nice.

Your retailers will be genuinely grateful for saving them time and money, and appreciate being valued enough to be included in your marketing efforts. In turn, your retailers will respect you, consider you a partner, and think of you as a leader in the industry. As Jordan of Steve Hahns VW said: “This is great, I’ve never seen an OEM provide something so forward thinking as this!”

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