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Fox Trailers | Small Business Spotlight


Purchasing hauling trailers and accessories from a local dealer allows you to see and evaluate a wide variety of products in person before making a decision. They also tend to possess deep knowledge about their inventory, which can be invaluable in guiding your purchase. Additionally, the service doesn’t end after the sale; local dealers usually offer ongoing maintenance and repair services, ensuring your trailer remains in top shape for years to come. Supporting local dealers contributes to the local economy, fostering community growth and development.

Fox Trailers, Inc., a family-owned and operated business since 1999. Their expertise ranges from flatbed manufacturing to a variety of trailer lines such as cargo trailers, equipment trailers, and sport trailers. Their vast experience and knowledge enable them to cater to all customers’ trailer needs, from ordering custom trailers to performing repairs. Fox Trailers, Inc. invites you to visit their yard to explore the multitude of trailers they have in stock, truly making them your one-stop-shop for all trailer necessities.

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