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GE Increases Consumer Reach with Retailer Incentive Program


GE Appliances launches a variety of content on Promoboxx, but their rebate campaigns are favorited amongst their retail network because of their potential to increase sales and drive in-store traffic. For their recent Mix & Match Consumer Rebate Campaign, GE Appliances wanted to try something different to help increase retailer engagement.

When they heard about Promoboxx Match, the first-of-its-kind retailer incentive program, and the ability to reward their retailers for marketing actions on Promoboxx with mobile local advertisements, it made perfect sense.

Helping Retailers Become Better Marketers

This ability to get campaign reach across multiple mediums aligned perfectly with what Jason West, General Manager Merchandizing and Training for GE Appliances, emphasized at #AlignedCon when he spoke on the importance of helping their retail network become better marketers across all channels and consumer touch points. Jason spoke on behalf of GE Appliances when he said:

“Retailers want to do it on their own but the reality is, they can’t. And they’re losing. We have some independent retailers who are very sophisticated, who have online business models, who understand how to drive traffic to their websites. But I would say that most have a long way to go. We want to win in all channels. But the bottom line is, we really want independent retailers to be more successful.”

As Jason stated above, GE Appliances knew they had to do more to support their independent retailers in order to maintain and increase market share. Over the past two years, the appliance maker has used Promoboxx to distribute marketing content and provide turnkey promotion tools to their retail network.

Experimenting with Promoboxx Match

When Promoboxx rolled out this new retailer incentive program, Match, GE Appliances enabled their retailers to launch local mobile advertisements for their $2,000 Mix & Match Consumer Rebate Campaign.

GE Appliances decided to give Promoboxx Match to retailers who promoted the $2,000 rebate on their Facebook and/or Twitter accounts. Once retailers promoted this content they simply had to: 1) Choose the ad from the available ad options GE provided, 2) Locate where they would like to target the ad, and 3) Click “Start Advertising!”

GE Appliances Local Mobile Ad

Co-Branded Local Mobile Ad Example


Mix and Match Rebate Campaign Goals

GE Appliances naturally wanted to increase the rate at which their retail network promoted their latest rebate campaign to gain more consumer impressions and generate more sales. However, the appliance maker first saw Match as a way to further empower their retailers and set them up for marketing success. Match enabled GE Appliances to offer a better incentive and was also a turnkey way for even the un-savviest of retail stores to launch mobile ads in just a few seconds.

Mix and Match Rebate Campaign Results

  • 25% increase in retailer rebate campaign activations
  • 10% increase in retailer promotions (sharing content on Facebook and/or Twitter)
  • 400,000+ additional consumer impressions (compared with past campaigns)
  • 30% increase in consumer visits to retail campaign pages

Everyone (brands, retailers, consumers) truly wins when a brand utilizes Match. The new incentive program benefits brands with the increase in retailer engagement and consumer reach. The retailers are excited by the amount of local customers that they reach who are coming in-store to buy. Lastly, consumers are happy because they are notified of special rebates and offerings going on at a close-by retailer.

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