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GE Appliances Leads Co-Op Advertising into the Digital Age


As covered in a recent Adweek feature, GE Appliances is bringing co-op advertising into the digital age with localized paid ads on Facebook and mobile display. How? By partnering with Promoboxx.

GE Appliances has a long history of supporting their independent retailers through co-op advertising. How does such a large brand, however, manage to start shifting longstanding processes and marketing strategies to better embrace paid digital initiatives at the local level? The answer begins with targeted marketing and local advertising campaigns.

GE Strives for Local Digital Marketing Innovation

Over the course of each year, GE Appliances runs two main campaign themes for their independent retailers through Promoboxx: Inspirational and Rebate. The first brings engaging lifestyle content like recipes, design ideas, and videos to retailers’ social channels. The second educates consumers on how they can save big by downloading a rebate from a retailer’s co-branded landing page.

The Slate rebate campaign was designed to educate consumers on how to save money by accessing a digital rebate offer from a retailer’s co-branded landing page. A group of participating retailers promoted the landing page and received paid local ads digitally via Promoboxx. GE Appliances-funded ads ran across Facebook and top local mobile app networks.

Setting out, GE’s local ad campaign goals included increasing:

  • Overall % of retailer participation
  • Consumer impressions and reach
  • Rebate downloads

GE Appliances Amplifies Local Reach

As planned, the GE Appliances-funded local ads campaign was a massive success, outperforming all previous GE Appliances campaigns with:

  • 30% higher retailer engagement (91%)
  • 14x more landing page views (8,627)
  • Almost 3x the number of rebate downloads (395)
ge appliances slate campaign

Example co-branded retailer Facebook ad

In addition, the campaign’s innovative utilization of Facebook and mobile advertising paid off in full, with 3.7M unique Facebook ad impressions and 1.7M geo-targeted mobile in-app impressions.

“What’s good for GE is good for our business as well. The social media ads did generate traffic to our store which absolutely translated into sales of GE Appliances.” – Edward’s Appliance

By investing in local ads for their retailers, they managed to reach untapped local audiences and continue to build brand-retailer goodwill. All the while, they were taking both desktop and mobile users to a digital experience that reinforced the incentive for Slate appliances and that crucial where-to-buy mindshare.

In their efforts to innovate and move co-op advertising forward, GE Appliances reached new heights in both their local digital marketing efforts and overall brand-retailer relationships.

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