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Get 5x More Customer Leads with Promoboxx

Promoboxx allows consumer brands the ability to run online social promotions in cooperation with their retailers. We’ve found that when brands do, they’re massively more successful.

How Does It Work?

Promoboxx is an online retail promotion platform that works on behalf of both the brand and the retailer, pulling everyone together in co-promotions. Engaging retailers, on behalf of brands, results in 5x more customer leads, email contacts, and Facebook likes.

Why Should I Try It?
On average, one out of every four consumers that sees a co-promotion powered by Promoboxx converts into a customer lead! So, if you’re a consumer brand that wants to become massively more successful – launch a Promoboxx promotion today to engage your retailers.

Co-promotions powered by Promoboxx combine the power of the national brand with the loyalty of the local store. Learn more about co-promotions at