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Get Ahead of the Holiday Rush for Better Business Returns with Promoboxx Paid Ads


We all recognize the significance of marketing during the holiday season, but have you ever thought about how beneficial it is to get ahead of the holiday rush? Last year, a record 196.7 million Americans shopped in stores and online over the Thanksgiving holiday weekend. This trend underscores the influence of early shopping and the potential it holds for your business.

Understanding the consumer’s path to purchase funnel reveals that consumers typically follow a pattern leading up to a sales transaction. This pattern is particularly noticeable when it comes to gift-giving, which often requires more thought and consideration. At this point, many consumers are already in the “awareness” phase. In fact, those diligent ‘early bird’ shoppers may already be contemplating their upcoming purchases with serious intent.

This awareness demonstrates why it’s crucial to kickstart your advertising early. If not, we run the risk of not providing consumers with adequate time for brand and product evaluation. The goal is to plant the seed of your brand in consumers’ minds ahead of the busy season, ultimately leading to a sale at one of your local stores.

So how can we work towards this goal? By leveraging Promoboxx Paid Ads, which offer six various advertising objectives. We specifically focus on Awareness + Consideration campaigns, as they align with the early holiday shopping trend. When crafting a Paid Ad, it’s important to choose your objective with these goals in mind.

As we anticipate the potential impact of the next three months on your brand and local businesses, we recommend creating a Paid Ad strategy on Promoboxx. If you would like to schedule a meeting with our Director of Paid Strategy, please reach out to us at Let’s get ahead of the holiday rush together!