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Helping Brands Better Understand What Their Retailers Want

As a Client Marketer at Promoboxx, part of our job is to have conversations with independent retailers and garner insights to better help them market online.

Independent retailers are the key to success with any Promoboxx campaign. Independents are the ones that sell products, help build a community, create memorable experiences and provide exceptional customer service. These reasons are why brick and mortar will never die and also why Promoboxx’s number one mantra is “believe in retailers.”

Yes, Promoboxx is a technology platform that connects brands to their retailers to help them localize national online campaigns, but there is another side to Promoboxx that most people don’t understand. To elaborate, today I was reviewing all of the retailer feedback I had received recently with one of my clients. Although I won’t reveal all of the details (top secret!), I will provide a few examples of insights Client Marketer’s at Promoboxx are able to share with clients on a daily basis…

– Retailers are looking for promotions that encourage the consumer to follow up in-store. Consider running an online promotion that drives traffic to both the local store’s physical store as well as its online channels.

– Retailers love to run an online campaigns around rebates because it draws the consumer to purchase without making an impact to the retailer’s bottom line. Rebate campaigns are a win-win.

– Retailers don’t have Facebook pages because they have a hard time understanding how managing a business page is worth their time. Now that your providing new, original content for their online channels, they want to get started.

Not only do we provide a technology that strengthens the brand-to-retailer relationship, but we help our brand clients better understand how to work with their retailers to achieve success…and we love what we do!