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How Trek Generates Buzz with Promoboxx on Twitter

Every brand would love to see buzz around its products and services. When customers are discussing your brand among themselves, this chatter provides an organic form of word of mouth marketing. But how can brands generate buzz from their customers online? Marketing campaigns designed for social media are a great place to capture this huge opportunity. Social networks like Twitter are developed to grow buzz in the form of mentions, retweets and trending hashtags.

Case Study: The Trek Campaign

Promoboxx’s recent Trek “Summer Giveaway” campaign is a great example of how Twitter can be integrated into an existing marketing campaign. Part of this campaign included a sweepstakes in which customers could register to win an exclusive Trek racing bicycle from their local Trek dealer’s Facebook page. Both entrants and dealers could then share the promotion across their individual social channels, including on Twitter. Here are some examples of how Trek dealers and their entrants shared the campaign on Twitter:

1,201 Dealer Tweets + 1,003 Consumer Tweets= 2,204 Total In-App Tweets

As you can see, the campaign also makes use of the hashtags #bike, #cycling or #treksummersweeps, those interested in these specific topics will be more likely to find relevant information about the campaign. In fact, if you search for the these terms on Twitter, you will find a number of retailers and consumers tweeting about the Trek promotion. Because the campaign was targeted at both consumers and retailers, this level of buzz on Twitter was a highly effective outcome for Trek’s national brand.

The Bottom Line

Brands can use Twitter to run social campaigns directed towards consumers. However, as the Trek promotion illustrates, social media campaigns can be much more successful if retailers are included in this action as well. By involving local retailers into the promotion, the chances of reaching influential consumers at a local level grow exponentially. Simply put, it’s time that brands promote their content alongside their local retailers through Twitter!