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Incentivizing Retailers: How to Encourage Retailers to Sell More of Your Product

For some products, it’s a win just to end up on retailers’ shelves. But in reality, product placement is just the first step towards increasing sales and adoption by consumers. Today’s sales environment requires that brands actively engage retailers by providing the means to promote your brand.

Fortunately, social media marketing provides many ways to do just that. Let’s focus on how brands can use social media to to drive retailer engagement:

Help retailers build awareness of brand products with their local consumers.

While national brands spend millions of dollars on advertising, translating those campaigns to the local level can pose quite a challenge. Social media platforms, especially Facebook, offer a natural space for retailers to adopt national campaigns and tailor it according to their own customizations directly to local shoppers.

One of the best examples of this approach is¬†Chevrolet‘s campaigns with Promoboxx.

  • Chevy leveraged the Promoboxx platform to deliver customized campaigns to dealerships in order to drive increased consumer awareness of its larger, national campaigns.
  • You’ve probably seen the commercials from the Super Bowl used in this campaign.
  • The campaign invited local dealers to customize their Facebook page with Chevy national content, and engage car shoppers directly.
  • This approach helped dealers take advantage of national advertising efforts while maintaining the personal connections from their local dealerships.

Equip retailers with easy to manage promotions that reward consumers.

Promotions and coupon sales can be incredibly effective at the local level, but are often difficult to administer and execute without the necessary resources. So how can brands help their retailers take advantage of “checkout” promotions?

  • Profile Design, a producer of world-class biking gear, accomplished this with a campaign that it managed on Promoboxx.
  • The Profile Design brand was able to control all of the standard items: the duration of the offer, the specific offer details, and the area where the offer was available for redemption.
  • This particular promotion allowed local retailers to select the offer they wanted to promote, which fit the needs of each local retailer. This flexibility helps to better engage¬†participating¬†retailers, making them more than just a delivery mechanism, but an active partner.

In all, co-branded promotions are a great way for local retailers to take their Facebook content to the next level by incorporating national brand content. As a result, this level of retailer engagement– as well as the ease of use for local retailers to execute and manage a campaign–makes these approaches on Promoboxx effective for both brands and retailers.