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Independent Retailer Month: How Your Brand Can #BelieveInRetailers 


July is Independent Retailer Month, a time to celebrate the hard work and dedication of retailers who keep our communities thriving. At Promoboxx, we believe in the power of retailers. That’s why we celebrate this month and recognize the hard work and dedication of retailers. 

As a brand, you know how important it is to support the retailers that carry your products. Retailers educate local consumers on what they need to know before, during, and after making a purchase. They are also on the front lines with consumers, building brand trust and loyalty.

Support Retailers Using Promoboxx

Promoboxx is a digital marketing platform that provides retailers with customizable, brand-approved content to promote the brands whose products they sell. With Promoboxx, retailers can easily market their business online and connect with local consumers.

Independent Retailer Month is a great opportunity for brands to show their appreciation for their retailers. Here are some ideas on how brands can show their support using Promoboxx:

Host an event:

The event can be a party, digital webinar, or in-person luncheon. Brands can also organize a workshop or a training session to help their retailers improve their business. Send emails through Promoboxx to invite your retailers to your event(s).

Promote loyalty programs:

Show your appreciation for repeat customers. Provide retailers with branded content that encourages repeat customers and builds brand loyalty. Retailers can opt-in to automate campaigns like these so that they never miss the opportunity to promote your brand!

Provide promotional support:

Brands can provide promotional support to showcase their retailers’ products through organic and Paid campaigns. Create and upload content that promotes shopping locally and provide ad dollars so retailers can target local consumers in their area. Increasing promotional support to showcase your retailers’ products in pulse moments such as Independent Retailer Month sets your brand apart from the competition.

Independent Retailer Month is a time to celebrate small businesses and local retailers. By providing retailers with customizable, brand-approved content to promote the products they sell, your brand can stay ahead of the competition and top of mind with retailers and consumers alike. Promoboxx makes it easy for your retailers to market their business online so they can focus on what they do best – connecting with local consumers. Celebrate Independent Retailer Month with Promoboxx and show your customers why retailers rule!

For retailers, be sure to share the Independent Retailer Month campaign available in Local Business now!