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Introducing Academy – The Promoboxx Education Center!

Here at Promoboxx, our smile is growing even greater these days with the unveiling of another great feature. Today we are excited to introduce Promoboxx Academy, our new educational destination for brands and retailers to learn more about Promoboxx and how to become better marketers.


Don’t worry, we’re not running away from your questions, we are still happy to help! It’s just that Academy offers some resources that we think both brands and retailers will love . . .

  • Master the basics or refresh your memory with overviews of each Promoboxx platform feature
  • Discover best practices and new ways to put Promoboxx to work for you
  • Test your knowledge with helpful quizzes

Let’s take a closer look at some of Academy’s features:

Retailer Academy

The Promoboxx Retailer Academy is the ultimate resource for retailers who are eager to become better marketers and make the most of their digital marketing account. It’s also a great tool for those who are new to the platform and need a little help getting started. Each article walks the retailer though features such as Campaign Automation, Promoting on Social Media, Content Discovery, and lots more!

Brand Academy

On the flip side, the Promoboxx Brand Academy is an easy learning center to help our brands execute and optimize the best digital marketing programs for their retailers. It not only acts as a great introduction to the platform, but also helps our more experienced clients learn about additional features and strategies that can take their program from good to great.

And We Are Just Getting Started!

As many of our existing brands and retailers can tell you, we are continuously adding new features and improvements to Promoboxx. We are excited to see where this new functionality will take us, and look forward to building Academy with new articles and best practices that our users can use to improve and grow.

Interested in how Academy could help your retailers become better marketers for you brand and want to learn more? Drop us a note!