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Introducing Customizable Campaign Opt-In Pages

The Promoboxx platform focuses in on four key components to engage retailers in a brand’s national marketing efforts:

1. Engage: Select all or a group of retailers to participate in a campaign, validate retailer information and       schedule engagement actions like sharing reminders.
2. Co-Market: Allow retail partners to customize national creatives to their stores. Control which aspects       of the campaigns are customizable.
3. Distribute: Drive traffic to the customized campaigns while Promoboxx’s retailer messaging platform       kicks into gear. Retailers receive sharing reminders and a checklist of marketing tools.
4. Measure: View retailer engagement levels along with campaign views, social shares, and lead counts.       Determine the most effective content and survey retailers for ideas on the next campaigns.

While each step is critical, the “Engage” step is possibly the most important. That’s because the “Engage” step is where retailers choose to opt-in to a campaign. That’s why I’m excited to introduce a new piece of Promoboxx functionality – the ability for brands to customize a campaign’s opt-in landing page.

Customize Your Retailer Opt-In Page


Now, brands can customize the top row and right column of their own campaign-specific opt-in page by adding HTML or plain text. Just see below, where we’ve included the customized Chevy Malibu opt-in page – a great example of a Promoboxx customized opt-in page.