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Introducing our Boston Startup School Project Team!

This year, Promoboxx has teamed up with the Boston Startup School to help aspiring startup enthusiasts jump start their careers with real hands-on experiences.

As a part of this great program, the students split into groups to work on various projects for the different partnering startups. We are all so excited to introduce these amazing BSS students: Aeron Glover (marketing), Andrea de Melo (marketing), Joanna Vinick (marketing), Bryan Ryczek (sales & business development), Charlie Sahlman (software development), Kevin Crace (product design), and Regina O’Toole (product design).

Quotes From Their First Day

“I think I speak for our entire team when I say we are so excited to be working with Promoboxx. We are walking into this experience with open minds and are really enthusiastic about the next few weeks.” – Joanna Vinick

“I feel really lucky to be working with innovative people and companies. Boston Startup School prepares us for the world of startups while pairing us with awesome companies like Promoboxx. Everyday is a new challenge.” – Andrea de Melo

“I was so excited when I found out that Promoboxx was the startup I was going to be working with!!” – Kevin Crace