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Meet the Promoboxx “Brand View”

At Promoboxx HQ, our platform has always provided brands a way to easily target local consumers by executing co-branded marketing campaigns with local retailers. Since launching several successful campaigns – from Chevy’s latest “Diamonds & Dreams” Campaign to Trek’s Tour de France “Summer Giveaway” – our team has been busy designing new ways to further strengthen the brand-to-retailer relationship.

How It Works

Today we’re excited to announce our enhanced “Brand View” page, which provides brands a widespread version of their campaign to share across their own online channels. This new page enables consumers to locate a participating retailer near them by selecting from an organized list of retailers by location or another classification. By building brand recognition and driving traffic to the local retailer’s locations, Promoboxx now makes it easy for brands to engage consumers across all regions for their participating retailers.

Best Practices

What’s best about this feature is the synchronous feel of each campaign. Brand Views powered by Promoboxx help consumers participate in a campaign while also locating their nearest retailer. For example, brands like Chevrolet can now better promote their new car campaigns by giving consumers the ability to be directed to local pages via the Brand View. From here, consumers can interact with a map where they can easily find a dealer by navigating a geographical interface and engage with this dealer’s localized campaign page.

Ultimately, this new Brand View enhances the usability and experience for individual consumers while making local retailers easier to find. In doing so, it’s our belief that each Promoboxx campaign will lead to increased engagement for both consumers and retailers through our navigable Brand View.