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New Feature: Tweet Uniqueness Scoring


Authenticity – many of us crave it, but it’s not easy to find. Fake product reviews and knock-off products surround us. In fact, 86% of consumers say authenticity is important when deciding what brands they like and support.1

Twitter recently made policy changes that demanded more authenticity, preventing multiple accounts from posting the same or similar content.

We’ve risen to the challenge introducing Tweet Uniqueness Scoring to our suggested messaging system creating a better experience for brands, retailers, and consumers.

We’re excited to unveil these updates and believe they will further solidify the credibility of specialty retailers. Authentic digital channels coupled with amazing in-store experiences will keep local consumers coming back for more!

Updated Suggested Messaging for Brands and Retailers

A key value of the Promoboxx platform is the ability for brand marketers to guide the messaging their retailers use when sharing campaign content. We’ve re-enabled this feature and invested time into improving the suggested messaging experience for both brands and retailers.

Brands have an improved interface for managing suggested messages along with new buttons to add and delete. Adding multiple options provides guidance to retailers on appropriate messaging while saving them time from having to come up with the content on their own. The suggested messages are randomized when a retailer goes to share, which contributes to tweet uniqueness.

Retailers have an enhanced interface for reviewing suggested messages as seen below:

Tweet Uniqueness Scoring

In keeping with Twitter’s policy updates, we created a uniqueness scoring algorithm and a strength meter that will compare the retailer tweet against all other tweets shared via Promoboxx.

Twitter Uniqueness Scoring for Promoboxx

As the retailer edits their tweet, the meter will update based on the uniqueness of their message.

If the score comes back too similar to another tweet, the meter will show orange or red, the retailer will see an error message and will be unable to share.

Twitter Uniqueness Scoring Error

When the post becomes unique enough, the meter will appear green and the retailer will be able to share it.

Twitter Uniqueness Scoring Success

Pro-Tips for Retailers: How to Create Unique Tweets

This is a great way to distinguish yourself from competitors by making sure your content is different and unique. With this update, you’ll add your own personal touch to tweets and we’ll help you along the way!

  • To start, your brands on Promoboxx will provide you with guided messaging (as shown above).
  • Next, get creative! Take the brands suggestions and make them your own.
  • If you get stuck and need additional suggestions, we’ve put together some ideas for more personalization in your tweets.

Looking to the Future

With these changes, brands and retailers have the opportunity for more meaningful interactions with customers. As Twitter and other digital channels evolve, rest assured that Promoboxx will adapt and develop innovative solutions that connect brands with consumers through retail partners, delivering the authentic experiences consumers crave.

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1Source: Stackla Consumer Content Report: Influence In The Digital Age, 2017