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Join Our Webinar: Co-Op Advertising is Walking Dead


The amount of responses from my recent blog post about the death of co-op advertising spoke for itself as to how much of an acute pain-point co-op advertising is for the majority of you. To recap:

  • Digital co-op fails because it’s too messy, hard to track, and ignored
  • Big box retailers monopolize most brand assets that should be going to local independents
  • For retailers, the co-op advertising system is too time consuming, reduces cash flow, and often goes unspent
  • For brands, the co-op advertising system negatively impacts marketing budgets, reduces profit margins, inhibits retailers’ ability to buy more product, and hurts sales relationships with retailers

Let’s talk. I invite you to join me on a webinar next Tuesday, November 25th at 1pm EST to learn how you can bring co-op advertising into the digital revolution.

Don’t be a zombie retail marketer! Register for the webinar >