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Announcing Local Ads: Aligning Brands & Retailers to Drive New Customers In-Store


We’re excited to announce the official launch of Promoboxx Local Ads this week! After a highly successful long-term pilot, with participation from many national brands and thousands of local retailers, Local Ads is now formally a core component of the Promoboxx marketing platform.

I’m particularly enthusiastic about this launch because the results are clear: Local Ads is the most scalable, efficient, and effective way for brands and their specialty retailers to reach new customers with a compelling message on key ads channels, including Facebook, Google, and mobile display.

We’ve found that, when brands run campaigns with ads support, they gain an average1:

  • 3 million more local consumers reached
  • 25x more consumer views of campaign content
  • 20% increase in retailer participation

Help Retailers Reach New Customers with Local Ads

Promoboxx was built to connect brands and retailers, because we know the challenges large companies and small businesses face when working together to market products.

We’ve always enabled brands to distribute content across their network of retailers – and, in turn, retailers use the platform to easily deliver brand-approved messages to existing online communities: fans and followers, email lists, and website visitors.

But local retailers must also find new customers to survive. Less than 20% of small-town consumers are able to identify an independent appliance store.2 It’s imperative to provide advertising to extend retailer reach beyond the people already connected to their business. To truly support retailers, brands must help drive local awareness and foot traffic among new customers.

Leverage Local Ads for Brand and Retailer Mobile Presence

The best place to find these potential new customers is where they spend time – and we’re all aware that time is increasingly spent on mobile and digital channels. In fact, I’m willing to bet your primary mobile device is less than five feet away from you as you read this (if not in hand!)3. While national advertising budgets have moved quickly to reflect this shift4, brand marketers still struggle to reach consumers on mobile with a where-to-buy message coming from the local retailer.

Retailers have the locally-relevant advantage – they know their customers best. However, they rarely have resources to produce professional advertising content, let alone the bandwidth required to run targeted ad campaigns across multiple mobile channels.

Provide a Local Ads Solution That Aligns Brands and Retailers

Promoboxx set out to solve this challenge, focusing on what we do best: connecting national brands and their specialty retailers.

Local Ads leverages our existing alignment platform, enabling brands to extend their advertising content, targeting, and media mix expertise to the local retailer. Budgets are efficiently distributed across participating retailers, then Local Ads programmatically customizes the creative and targets potential customers near each storefront.

Instead of relying on retailers to manage their own ads with expensive and time-consuming alternatives, Local Ads makes it quick and easy for retailers to activate these brand-approved campaigns, driving high rates of engagement and turning local retailers into sophisticated marketers.

Within a single platform, brands and retailers can launch high-quality ad campaigns reaching consumers across multiple key channels, including Facebook, Google, and mobile display. By offering Promoboxx Local Ads, brands enable specialty retailers to focus on what they do best: serving their customers and ultimately selling more product.

Drive Real Results with Local Ads

National brands and specialty retailers across verticals – including appliances, flooring, footwear, and automotive – have already experienced business benefits from Promoboxx Local Ads campaigns. Hear directly from a few of our clients below:local ads

GE Appliances

“The ads generated foot traffic to our store, which absolutely translated into sales of GE Appliances. What’s good for GE is good for our business as well.” ‑ Edwards Appliance


“We were able to reach new local audiences and increase where-to-buy mindshare. It’s imperative for GE to continue to build brand goodwill with our retail partners.” ‑ Jason West, General Manager of Merchandising & Training at GE Applianceslocal ads

Shaw Floors

“Being able to target on a local level allows us to reach the type of person we want. Shaw’s Local Ads drive more traffic to our website and our showrooms.” – McSwain Carpets & Floors


“Local Ads allows us to hone in on consumers in close proximity to store locations to more strategically allocate our advertising funds.” – Todd Callaway, Director of Digital Content at Shaw Floors

Mutually Benefit from Expanded Local Reach

Team up with your retail partners to unlock the full potential of untapped local audiences. Leverage Promoboxx Local Ads to amplify reach near each storefront, keeping both the brand and retailer top of mind along the consumer path to purchase. Get started now.

Craving more? Be sure to stay tuned for our upcoming Local Ads Blog Series! We’ll be sharing tips, best practices, case studies, and more.

1Source: Promoboxx 2015 data comparing campaigns with Local Ads vs. those without.
2Source: Retailer Web Services’ downloadable e-book “RE:THINK” by Jennie Gilbert & James Kane
3Source: Jumio 2013 Mobile Consumer Habits Study
4Source: eMarketer 2015 US Mobile Ad Spending