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Local Advertising is Essential to Brand and Retail Success

Brands are missing out on a huge opportunity if they aren’t investing in local advertising to drive foot traffic to their independent retailers.

Every year, people tune into the Super Bowl to catch some football – and feast on the creative ads from well-known brands. The Eli Manning and Odell Beckham Jr. “Dirty Dancing” ad this year (2018) had people talking almost as much as the Eagles’ victory (although most of us here at Boston-based Promoboxx were not too happy about that win).

While these ads are enjoyable and give the involved companies massive exposure, they don’t provide a local connection. Even the best-known brands need a local tie-in to reap maximum advertising benefits and increased in-store sales.

Local Advertising Leads to Strong Partnerships (and Sales!)

When brands provide retailers excellent ad content as well as digital advertising dollars to turn that content into geo-targeted ads, both the brand and the retailer see the benefit. Brands have the financial resources to turn out top quality promotional materials, and retailers know best how to use these resources in their community. In a competitive marketplace, sales will only thrive by having a strong partnership between parties. Below are four prime examples of such a partnership.

Mohawk’s Love Your Floor Campaign

This award-winning Mohawk Flooring ad campaign allowed the company’s local retailers to use brand digital content while receiving ad dollars to use for geo-targeted ads on Facebook and mobile display. Independent flooring stores saw foot traffic that was directly driven by these ads. In all, Mohawk saw a 50 percent increase in directly attributed sales compared to past campaigns.

Mizuno’s The Power of Running Campaign

Mizuno partnered with Fleet Feet stores for this promotional effort, and developed Facebook ads that appealed to their market demographic. The ads reached local running communities and rose awareness for Fleet Feet locations. Customers clicked on the ads and were directed to a co-branded campaign page where they could nominate inspirational runners from their own community.  The campaign ended with an impressive 10.3 percent click-through rate.

GE Appliances’ Slate Rebate Campaign

In this highly successful local advertising campaign, GE Appliances provided their independent retailers targeted Facebook and mobile display ads to raise awareness of the promotion around the respective retail locations.  GE Appliance dealers were able to run a sophisticated multi-channel promotional campaign and as a result, local customers knew to download the GE Slate-finish appliance rebate from local retailers while surfing on their mobile devices and reading their Facebook News Feed. GE saw a 3x increase in rebate downloads during this campaign and 3.7 million unique customers were reached.

New Balance’s Fresh Foam Vongo Campaign

For the major product launch of their Fresh Foam Vongo shoe, New Balance offered funds for targeted Facebook advertising to Fleet Feet stores across the country. The goal was to reach local runners with highly relevant ads in order to drive awareness of the Fresh Foam Vongo shoe and increase foot traffic in Fleet Feet stores. The campaign reached millions of consumers on Facebook, with retailers and sales reps reporting significantly increased in-store foot traffic and sales of the shoe. In one territory, there was even a reported 2x increase in sales in the lightweight stability footwear category.

When Retailers Win, Brands Win

Providing brand-approved, geo-targeted content to independent, specialty retailers allows them to compete with big box stores, gain local insights, and drive in-store brand sales. The expression “win, win” is obviously a cliche, but it rings true in this instance. When brands and local retailers establish a real marketing and sales partnership, everyone wins.

How did Mohawk, Mizuno, GE Appliances and New Balance Achieve Success?

These well-known brands equipped their independent retailers with funds for targeted digital advertising using Promoboxx Local Ads.

Using Local Ads extends their brand content, targeting, and media mix to local retailers, where both benefit from reaching nearby customers on mobile devices.

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