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Local Experience Spotlight:
ADM and Milan Center Feed & Grain


ADM Animal Nutrition knows animal feed stores are essential to connecting with their local customers. These retailers are interacting with their communities every day and know their local customers on a personal level. Many of these store owners also raise livestock and can provide personal insight and expert product advice based on their own experiences!

ADM makes sure these animal feed stores are supported with digital marketing assets through Promoboxx so they can reach and engage with their local communities and drive foot traffic to their store.

ADM created a campaign focused on the love that their customers have for their horses. Fun campaigns like these are great ways for retailers to show their customers the new feed they have in store.

The ‘Love Comes In a Feed Bucket’ campaign asks customers to treat their horses as members of the family and show them extra special love by serving them ADM Primeglow – purchased at a local store like Milan Center Feed & Grain Inc.

Co-Branded Organic Facebook Post

When clicked, the Facebook post drives customers to a mobile-friendly landing page, where they can get directions to the animal feed shop, and purchase the Primeglow product.

Digital marketing campaigns like this one help local retailers show off the new products in their store through high quality, brand-approved social media posts that will engage with horse owners in their community, and help new customers find their store!

Post-Click Landing Page (Mobile Friendly)

In addition to Facebook, Promoboxx supports Twitter, Instagram, email, and website integration. Promoboxx campaigns take manufacturing brands (like ADM) just minutes to execute across thousands of retailer partners.

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