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Local Experience Spotlight:
Connecticut Appliance & Fireplace Distributors + Café™


Relaunching a brand can be hard, but your retail partners are there to get the new message out. This campaign from Connecticut Appliance & Fireplace Distributors (CAFD) shows how a strong retail partner can help promote a brand change. Just look at how they’re leveraging the strong new branding for Café™ (a GE Appliances brand). Great work by CAFD and Café™! They both clearly know how to leverage Promoboxx to create real digital experiences that their local customers can trust. 

Co-Branded Organic Facebook Post

When clicked, the Facebook post (above) drives customers to the mobile-friendly landing page (shown below) to complete the co-branded customer experience. The landing page encourages customers to download the Café™ rebate and get directions to the appliance dealer where they can use it in-store.

In addition to Facebook, Promoboxx supports Twitter, Instagram, email, and website integration. Promoboxx campaigns take manufacturing brands (like Café™) just minutes to execute across thousands of retailer partners.

Post-Click Landing Page (Mobile Friendly)

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