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Local Experience Spotlight:
Ski Barn + Salomon


Snow sports are near and dear to my heart. I grew up skiing and snowboarding, and my family package store was situated on the access road of a ski area called Berkshire East. Needless to say, we sold a few half-pints of blackberry brandy on those cold icy eastern days.

For me, buying gear from the web-only retailer is crazy. The right fit not only makes the experience more comfortable but safer. It’s literally impossible for e-commerce to present the right fit experience to a customer. In snow sports, customers crave real authentic experiences and the independent retailer is the best channel to partner with this on. So, when I see a brand like Salomon working with an amazing local retailer like Ski Barn on Promoboxx, it warms my heart more than a swig from the ole winter flask.  Check out their co-marketing campaign below:

Co-Branded Organic Facebook Post

When clicked, the Facebook post (above) drives customers to the mobile-friendly landing page (shown below) to complete the co-branded customer experience. The landing page encourages customers to “Shop Now at Ski Barn” and get directions to the specialty snowboard dealer closest to them.

In addition to Facebook, Promoboxx supports Twitter, Instagram, email, and website integration. Promoboxx campaigns take manufacturing brands (like Salomon) just minutes to execute across thousands of retail partners.

Post-Click Landing Page (Mobile Friendly)

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