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Long Live Email

Some exciting news was covered in The Boston Globe today. You’ll need a subscription to read the Globe online, so I’ll give you the gist. Hubspot, a company we look up to in the Boston marketing technology scene, just announced that they’re launching email as part of their suite of services. Hooray! This is a major validation of the importance of email to the small business market (SMB), of which our brand’s retailers are a part of.

Email Marketing Is Still Effective

Hubspot, the pioneer of inbound marketing, has just openly embraced and invested in a technology that some might consider the very opposite to the inbound philosophy. Why? Because email marketing is still effective, and thanks to better SPAM filters and opt-out compliance, its recovering from years of being buried by Viagra ads and scams, and reemerged as a solid marketing channel.

Despite the importance of social to the future of SMBs, we’ve long believed that email is not going away, and as a medium very comfortable to the average businessperson its one that can leveraged better by both retailer and the brands they sell. In fact in a recent survey, our retailers ranked email as the #2 most important marketing channel behind their own website, and well ahead of #4 Facebook and Twitter coming in at #5.

We applaud our friends at Hubspot and look forward to one day integrating our brand-to-retaler marketing platform with their email marketing tools, and alongside some amazing stand-alone email marketing platforms like, Constant Contact, MailChimp, Emma, iContact, etc. We look to work with brands to bring amazing content to these channels.

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