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Low-Hanging Fruit: Accelerate Your Retail Marketing Today


While ad agencies spend months honing brand messaging, and product engineers tweak designs over years, retail marketers can quantifiably engage their network in about a week with Promoboxx. So why aren’t they?

“We want to wait until Strategy X is implemented.”

Do you know your customer turnover rate? While you look that number up, you’ve lost retailers that don’t feel supported by your brand. The digital world is probably moving faster than your major initiatives. If you want results, you must be able to strategically capitalize on quick-hit opportunities. Promoboxx isn’t just a platform, it’s an entire team of retail marketing support. Our launch strategy has brands with large retail networks seeing upwards of 40% network activation in less than a month. Promoboxx excels in activating your retailers, aligning them with your marketing, and helping them easily execute a local digital strategy on your brand’s behalf.

“Our dealers aren’t sophisticated enough.”

They’re better this year than they were last year. Promoboxx is built around customer service and one of our greatest strengths is the ability to convert hesitant double-clickers into confident co-branders. Beginning with our first communication to your network and carrying through to our Retailer Academy resource, Promoboxx positions itself as both a ready-to-go solution and a support system. Every aspect of our presence reminds retailers that if they’re still stuck, a real person is ready to help them, and not a phone tree, not an automated diagnostic. Retail marketers who believe their dealers can’t figure out Facebook are doomed to continue supporting them with co-op ads in the Yellow Pages.

“This is really cool! I like it because you got a whole bunch of different stuff in here for me to use that I don’t have to find or write up myself.” – Timberland Retailer

“We want to wait until we have more content.”

But what about all that content you already have? That one Facebook post on your national channel that generated hundreds of likes and re-shares? Your retailers could have expanded and localized its reach instantly. In doing so, Promoboxx brings customer feedback directly to brands, massaging digital content strategy towards inspirational or informational based on what resonates at the local level. With our Content Discovery tool, your retailers are directly connected to your national content in real-time and can promote it seamlessly. Content Discovery has been a tremendous tool for brands with campaign gaps – it’s constantly leveraged by retailers to help populate their online channels with on-brand content in times of campaign lag.

Because it’s still joyously fresh in my mind, here’s a perfect example of a single event that can be instantly amplified and localized through Promoboxx:
Butler - Truck - Horizontal

“I’m concerned that Promoboxx doesn’t have existing traction with dealers in my verticals.”

The desire to present a professional appearance and save time is universal across industries. We work with some of the largest brands in the world – and retailers selling everything from farm feed to fast cars. We built traction in these verticals because the value of our platform is immediately obvious to any time-strapped storeowner.

“Promoboxx is the clearest, easiest to use system I’ve seen. I was blown away by the set up process!” – Chevrolet/Nissan Dealer Group

Retail marketers take note: effective innovation tackles major challenges by implementing obvious solutions first.