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The Promoboxx Approach: Maintaining Transparency in the Digital Age


Advertising executives gathered in the south of France last week for the Cannes Lions festival to celebrate the year’s best creative, but there was another topic on everyone’s minds: transparency.

In fact, when major advertising industry events occur throughout the year, discussion around this issue spikes — and for good reason. Earlier this month, the Association of National Advertisers (ANA) released a study on media transparency, reporting “systemic” non-transparent business practices, including agency rebates.

While the recent report generated significant discussion, broader concerns around trust and transparency (or lack thereof) in the U.S. media landscape is nothing new. As the industry continues to adapt to evolving digital and mobile channels, it’s critical that all advertising partners provide complete clarity to their customers.

The Promoboxx Approach: 100% Transparency

At Promoboxx, we have a particular responsibility to provide transparency — both to the brand marketers we partner with and, importantly, the local retailers that use our platform to share brand content and run ads.

Thousands of retailer users (typically time-strapped business owners without ads expertise) rely on Promoboxx to reach customers with high-quality marketing and drive them into the store. Because of this, it’s crucial that we are completely upfront about how we run Local Ads and what we charge for it.

We’ve incorporated messaging throughout the platform clearly stating our approach: 100% Transparent Pricing. In other words, we always clearly break out ad spend separately from technology fees. This means that brands and retailers know exactly how much of the total budget goes towards high-quality advertising for every transaction.

More Than Just Pricing Transparency

Beyond pricing transparency, we also know that digital and mobile advertising can sometimes feel like a confusing black hole, particularly for retailers: What will the ad look like? Who will see it? How many people will see it? To provide clarity, our Local Ads product offers customized ad previews by channel, geographic and audience targeting information, and consumer reach estimates dependent on budget amount, as well as details around potential reimbursement for co-op when relevant.

advertising transparency

Example of Local Ads flow for retailers

This approach builds trust, as retailers know upfront exactly what they’re getting each time they run Local Ads on Promoboxx, both when ads are provided by the brand and when funded directly by the retailer. The proof? More than 60% of retailers are repeat customers, funding ads on Promoboxx multiple times in the past three months.1

In fact, a recent New Balance campaign offered Local Ads for a new running shoe launch, and the response from retailers was overwhelming. Participating stores observed an increase in online activity, but, even more crucially, they reported a meaningful uptick in foot traffic, requests for the particular shoe, and sales.2

advertising transparency

Example Local Ad on Facebook

By providing transparency, clarity, and value, Promoboxx Local Ads helps brands and their retailers navigate the “uncharted waters” of today’s media landscape with confidence.

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Promoboxx Local Ads: Aligning Brands and Retailers to Drive New Customers In-Store

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Leveraging Promoboxx Local Ads, you can amplify reach near each storefront, keeping both your brand and retailers top of mind along the consumer path to purchase. Get started now.

1Promoboxx Data, Q2 2016
2Promoboxx Data, New Balance Campaign May 2016

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