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Manny’s Appliance | Small Business Spotlight


Shopping at locally owned and operated appliance stores is an excellent way to support your local community, reduce your environmental impact, and get friendly customer service and support.

Manny’s Appliance has been servicing the New England area with 10 stores for over 40 years. Manny’s is known for their expertise and customer service. They also provide easy pick up and delivery services and support with their own in-house staff of repair technicians. Whether you’re looking for a new dishwasher, laundry unit, grill, or something else, Manny’s has flexible communication options for long-distance or in store shopping.

Here’s what Manny’s Appliance says about Promoboxx:

“Promoboxx has impacted our social media strategy by giving our business a good amount of content to post. We enjoy the variety of content options and formats.

One of our favorite things about Promoboxx is the brand ad funds that drive local traffic to our store. Ads that get the business out there and increase visibility have made a huge impact for us.”

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