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Marketing in a Cluttered Retail Environment: How to Cut Through the Noise

When consumers visit your retailers online, they see your products and learn about your current promotions and campaigns. But these retailers sometimes also sell as many as 50 other brands in a single retail outlet. How can you cut through that clutter, engage customers, and become the brand of choice for your retailers and consumers?

Support Your Retailers with Digital Marketing Technology

Your retailers are busy store owners! With marketing being just one of their many responsibilities, make their work lives (and yours!) a bit easier with simple, easy-to-use marketing technologies. For example, with the Promoboxx platform, your brand can support even your smallest stores with custom digital support. In a moment, we’ll share some case studies that show just how successful digital co-marketing campaigns can be.

First, here are a few ways the technology can provide your retailers immediate value:

  • Your retailers gain immediate access to compelling content for your brand.  With just a few clicks, your accounts can promote high-quality digital content that’s also branded to their local store. The result? Big up-ticks in the total percentage and frequency of retailers promoting your content locally. We’ve found that retailers are 3X more likely to promote a brand’s content when the content not only highlights your branded content, but their own store-level branding that they’re incredibly proud to display.
  • You simplify your retailers’ lives.  A dealer who sells more than a dozen different brands in his dealership location recently told me, “I get 15-20 solicitations by phone and email every day from vendors. Promoboxx helped me cut through the noise, because you made it clear to me that I could get content up on my channels within a few clicks, all for free! Now I’m so happy I use it, because it really cuts down on the time I have to spend to get content on my social channels.” Based on our survey results, retailers most frequently estimate that instead of having to spend five hours per week populating their online channels with content, they spend 30 minutes on Promoboxx each week.
  • Your relationship with retailers grows stronger and stronger.  Deliver the digital tools that local retailers need to become better online marketers and they will appreciate you more and favor your products. Local stores often feel that they are being neglected by brands that deploy most of their marketing resources to supporting big box retailers. Level the playing field!

Success Story: Chevrolet’s “Diamonds & Dreams” Campaign

Promoboxx partnered with Chevrolet to launch its Diamonds & Dreams campaign through a network of more than 1,500 local dealerships. The program was simple yet compelling. Customers uploaded pictures of their neighborhood baseball diamonds that needed upgrading. Twelve baseball diamonds were selected as winners, and all were refurbished by Chevrolet. As “Diamonds and Dreams” enters its third season this year, 42 fields have been renewed, many with the help of Ripken Baseball.

This video shows the strength of the program today . . .


Success Story: Reebok’s “It Takes a Lot to Make a Classic” Campaign

IT TAKES A LOT IIFor the “It Takes a Lot” campaign, Reebok launched a brand-to-retailer marketing initiative that used hip-hop and rap music icons to promote a sweepstakes contest for an all-expenses paid trip to Las Vegas. Consumers were directed to their closest urban retailer’s campaign page, where they were served with a rich selection of urban-focused online marketing content (videos, graphics and sweepstakes entry rules). The entry form was simple, all consumers had to do was explain in their own words what it takes to make a classic..

Reebok was able to use Promoboxx to leverage its retailers to generate buzz around this campaign and the results far exceeded past co-branded promotions Reebok had run in the past. Not only did consumers love sharing what they thought it takes to make a classic, but the retailers loved being a part of such a unique co-branded promotion. In fact, 90% of Reebok’s independent retailers participated. Afterwards, 86% of participating retailers stated that the campaign had helped them better engage with their customers, and 100% of the retailers who participated stated that they intended to take part in future Promoboxx campaigns.

“We rolled out Promoboxx to our urban retailers across the United States,” says Bethany O’Dell, former Retail Marketing Manager for Reebok. “The platform helped us better connect with our retail partners, and they loved it.”

Success Story: Kia’s “Test Drive for Tickets” Campaign

TEST DRIVE FOR TICKETSKia partnered with Promoboxx to help grow the local awareness of their “Test Drive for Tickets” campaigns. Through the campaign, potential customers who took test drives received tickets to sporting events and other incentives. By using Promoboxx, Kia gained the ability to better control its national content and distribute compelling customizable content to local dealerships.

The dealers in Kia’s Central region loved the branded dealer component of the “Test-Drive for Tickets” program. With Promoboxx, dealers could quickly and easily promote their local business alongside an online offer that was about driving consumers into their dealership. At the conclusion of the three-month campaign, 100% of invited Kia dealers had participated.

“Promoboxx helped us easily connect with our dealer network and extend the reach of our Test Drive for Tickets Promotion online,” says Melissa Voss, Regional Retail Marketing Manager at Kia Motors America. “Not only did our dealers love it, but so did their customers! All in all, the program was a huge success.”

Isn’t It Time for You to Start Engaging Your Retailers Digitally? They Need It!

You and your brand could soon have a home-run co-branding campaign like the ones we described above. Why not request a demo today?