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Mizuno & Fleet Feet Use Facebook Ads to Inspire Local Communities [Case Study]


For its community-focused The Power of Running campaign, Mizuno wanted to raise awareness for the powerful initiative in local markets among running enthusiasts.

By utilizing Promoboxx Local Ads, Mizuno did just that, partnering with Fleet Feet stores to target qualified local customers with highly relevant Facebook ads on mobile devices.

Mizuno and Fleet Feet Partner to Reach Local Running Communities

The Power of Running campaign was a partnership between Mizuno Running and Fleet Feet, Inc. and featured incredibly moving content around the power of running to overcome tragedy. Through Promoboxx, Fleet Feet retailers redeemed Facebook advertising funds to spread this message around their local running communities.

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Example Local Ad on Facebook

Within the Promoboxx platform, retailers were then able to easily execute the geo-targeted ads, all specifically optimized to reach people within the Facebook News Feed on mobile devices who are interested in running, or who purchase running-related products.

Once clicked, the ads drove consumers to a campaign page on the Fleet Feet website, which featured information about the initiative and allowed consumers to nominate inspirational runners in their own communities.

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Campaign Results:

  • Consumer Views of Ads: Over 808,000
  • Consumer Clicks: Over 11,000
  • CTR: 1.39%
  • CPC: $0.87

“Promoboxx is awesome! It’s nice to have the content and copy ready to go, especially if you’re on a time crunch like us. With the added push of Local Ads, all of the posts for this campaign seemed to reach more people than our usual organic posts.”

Erin Flatley, Fleet Feet Sports Maine Running

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Mizuno Drives Awareness with Targeted Digital Advertising

At the end of the campaign, Mizuno had reached thousands of qualified customers with the highly inspirational content.

With the added potential provided by Promoboxx Local Ads, Mizuno was able to meaningfully connect with local audiences, all while driving awareness for the Mizuno brand and general awareness of local Fleet Feet stores within their individual running communities.

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