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Nationwide Marketing Group Helps Create Alignment with Appliance Dealers

At Promoboxx, we are extremely proud to work with some amazing brands and vendors alike. In particular, our partnership with Nationwide Marketing Group was a no brainer, as we share a main goal of helping independent retailers become better marketers. We teamed up with Nationwide to do just that via their Just Say Yes program, which works to provide dealers with digital marketing content that drives traffic to stores and ultimately increases sales.

As part of the Just Say Yes program, Nationwide dealers have access to the manufacturer-sponsored campaigns launched on Promoboxx containing professional, co-branded content for Facebook, Twitter, email, website and more that helps them sell more product. On the flip side, brands like GE, Electrolux and Frigidaire leverage the trust dealers have in Nationwide and benefit from their recommendation to use the Promoboxx platform and promote their content on dealers’ local channels.

This mutually beneficial relationship has been a huge success across the board, with Nationwide, the manufacturers and dealers all raving about their experience.

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Don’t just take our word for it…

Dealers appreciate the simplicity and time-saving features the program provides. “This is so much easier than us having to go in and create the content ourselves; we find it very useful,” said a representative from Fred’s Appliance, a Nationwide Marketing Group member. Doug Marsh of Nationwide agrees, saying “the ability to get professionally made creative content directly from the vendor to the consumer via the dealers’ social channels is what we see as the main value. Coming up with creative content can be a challenge and having the Promoboxx platform can really help a dealer to get that quality content to their customers.”

Brands can also rest easy, knowing that Promoboxx and Nationwide “help reinforce the manufacturers’ message across multiple channels,” says Marsh. Larry Muennich of GE agrees: “This program drives consistency in messaging and execution all the way through our dealer structure.”

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Everyone wins

Another goal brands, dealers, Nationwide and Promoboxx all have in common? Driving sales. Together, they are creating the alignment necessary to reach local customers with high quality content and get shoppers in the doors of independent retailers. Dealers know we’re on to something; Walter Szyszko of C & D Appliances comments:
“I have been waiting for something like this for a long time to promote our products.”

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